Contact us @ 415-236-2430
Ask us any questions about your staking wallet! We test every single wallet build
on a Llambo before you do. Chances are we have run the wallet
you are thinking about. The Llambo is not a hobby or maker device
converted into a blockchain wallet. The Llambo is made for running multiple wallets
and to be run 24 Hours a day 7 Days a week. You can pair Llambo’s together running
as the remote wallet host and the second as the masternode node*.

Our services are hands-on, and we are just a phone call away. Free yourself from monthly hosting contracts, keep your wallets local and safe and in your personal private control. If you want to keep your masternode in the cloud the Llambo is the perfect control wallet host. Free yourself from the constraints of using your personal computer.


Contact Us

Contact Us


Don’t worry about your personal or work computer storing your data.
Let Llambo do the work.
(415) 236-2430

Staking Your Coins

Use your everyday computer as you wish, and still be able to check your coins whenever you want.
(415) 236-2430


Turn your Llambo into a *Masternode instead of hosting in a virtual cloud.
(415) 236-2430