The Llambo gives you FREEDOM
StoreDont hold your coins on an exchange, keep them in the Llambo in your control or StakeGet paid for actively participating in the network's integrity, a process called, Proof of Stake. You Llambo will do all the work for you 24 hours a day your Coins without leaving your personal computer on.
The Llambo can even be Masternode, Servicenode or Cold NodeMasternodes are essentially staking wallets larger amounts of coins, which also gives more responsibility and higher payouts as long as you have a static IP


Don’t worry about your personal or work computer storing your data.
Let Llambo do the work.

Staking Your Coins

Use your everyday computer as you wish, and still be able to check your coins whenever you want.


Turn your Llambo into a *Masternode instead of hosting in a cloud.